From manual work to a fully integrated fulfillment solution

In recent years, many logistics service providers have transitioned from manual work processes to a fully integrated fulfillment solution. By using modern technologies such as warehouse management systems, automated order pickers, and robotics, you take full control in terms of accuracy, speed, and efficiency in the fulfillment process. In this article, we share how an integrated fulfillment solution helped XXL Nutrition improve its logistics process and why you should do the same.

An effective fulfillment solution for XXL Nutrition

In the world of e-commerce, an efficient and effective fulfillment solution is crucial to keep customer satisfaction high. To accomplish this, XXL Nutrition, Exact, BizBloqs, and Sendcloud have joined forces to optimize and automate XXL Nutrition’s fulfillment processes. XXL Nutrition will tell more about this at the Exact Live Event on May 16, 2023.


By using innovative technologies and products in an integrated approach, companies like XXL Nutrition can transform manual processes into a complete fulfillment solution. This leads to faster order processing, fast delivery, and a better customer experience. The logical result is higher profits.


The importance of an integrated fulfillment solution cannot be overemphasized. In fact, a good fulfillment plan allows companies to maintain complete control over multiple locations. This gives you real-time visibility into inventory, order processing, and shipments to consumers. This increases warehouse efficiency, reduces personnel costs, and has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.


The challenges of working manually

Manual printing and pasting of shipping labels is a labor-intensive process. If you want to ship products correctly, all steps in this process must be accurate and correct. From checking address information to placing labels on the packaging of new products. Everything has to go right. Not surprisingly, manual work can lead to mistakes. And mistakes in the logistics process, in turn, lead to significant delays.


If these problems are not addressed, it leads to dissatisfied customers returning their products or not accepting them at all. It is also quite possible that the label is incorrect, preventing the customer from receiving the package at all. The result? Higher costs due to wasted shipping, procurement, and personnel costs, low customer satisfaction, and a dent in confidence in the company’s expertise. So manual handling is not only time-consuming but it can also result in additional costs.


To avoid these costs, using automation and technologies throughout the process can be the solution. For example, by implementing an automated labeling process, you can reduce errors and delays, order picking happens at the right time and carriers can take delivery of orders in a timely manner. This leads to speed throughout the process, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction.


Collaboration between Bizbloqs, Exact, XXL Nutrition, and Sendcloud

XXL Nutrition, Exact, BizBloqs, and Sendcloud have joined forces to create a seamless collaboration that streamlines business processes. Each company has an important role in this collaboration. It all starts at XXL Nutrition, a leading online retailer of nutritional supplements and sports nutrition. In collaboration with Exact, we at BizBloqs manage all logistics processes in the warehouse. We process all orders from the sales channels of XXL Nutrition and Exact takes care of the registration of the trade administration with its accounting and ERP software. We then print all labels at BizBloqs. These labels are retrieved from Sendcloud through BizBloqs at the right moment in the process via an interface.


The integration of these companies’ systems ensures that customer information, orders, shipments, and returns are processed seamlessly. In a nutshell, the system ensures that when an order is placed with XXL Nutrition, a sales order is automatically created in the Exact system. These sales orders are retrieved and processed by BizBloqs. We then retrieve shipping labels from Sendcloud so that these labels can be integrated into the shipping process. Finally, all processing goes back to Exact for administrative purposes. This seamless integration ensures fast but controlled order processing.


The benefits of linking advanced systems from these experts are numerous. But at the core is saving time and money, scaling up, and encouraging innovation within companies. After all, when business processes are seamlessly connected, fewer manual operations are required and there is more time for developing innovative ideas! And so, as a business owner, you save on all kinds of costs.


Overall results after an integrated fulfillment solution

Recent figures and statistics show that 85% of companies that have invested in an integrated fulfillment solution see a significant improvement in order fulfillment and delivery times. This is simply because of the optimization of storage, warehouse management, and the outsourcing and automation of manual work.


But it’s not just the numbers that speak for the integrated fulfillment solution. Customers and employees also give positive feedback after improving fulfillment processes. Customers report faster delivery times and better communication about the status of their orders. Employees report fewer production errors and fewer workloads thanks to fulfillment process automation. All in all, these are great developments that can drive the growth of any business.


Future prospects of fully integrated fulfillment services

An integrated fulfillment solution can be invaluable for e-commerce and e-fulfillment companies looking to shift, grow and expand faster. By integrating a link between different processes, a company can operate more efficiently, save costs and offer customers a better experience. For logistics processes, consider:

  • production;
  • inventory management;
  • packing;
  • shipping;
  • tracking;
  • delivery.

For companies still working manually, moving to an integrated fulfillment solution can be a big step. It is important to start by evaluating the current processes. This is because it will help you find out where possible bottlenecks and inefficiencies lie. You then set about choosing software solutions that offer flexibility and enable the integration of different processes. Finally, an investment in training and support is important to ensure a smooth transition to the new fulfillment solution.


Wondering how BizBloqs can take your business to the next level? Contact us now to learn more about our services and discover the power of a fully integrated fulfillment solution in your business!


Willem Ten Asbroek

Willem Ten Asbroek

CEO, Bizbloqs Management Solution B.V.

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