A full cloud-based Order Management System (OMS) for companies of any size.

Manage orders, sales, purchasing, production and assembly from one cockpit!

Unite your Order Management

Input, Execution, and Management of all incoming and outgoing orders, consolidated in a single online tool. BizBloqs OMS offers a single cockpit to control everything related to orders, purchasing, sales, production and assembly from a single location.


An OMS, or Order Management System, is used to keep a close eye on orders in a structured fashion and in a single overview. Many of our customers  have more than one channel, sometimes multitudes of channels. This makes it hard to keep proper track of orders and inventory, while it’s business critical to do so. The full insights are needed to run a successful company and to prevent errors and issues.


As part of our efforts to offer affordable and easy-to-use logistic solutions, BizBloqs has developed and marketed a cloud-based, centralized OMS that can be used as part of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or standalone. Whether you serve the consumer market directly or deal with an entire supply chain and complex business-to-business relationships, everyone who desires insight in their sales and fulfillment cycle will benefit from our OMS.


BizBloqs also has developed numerous unique features, based on real-life customer scenarios that we encountered. For example, you can manipulate orders quickly and easily: block (partial) orders, release orders, appoint batches, make reservations, add multiple relevant status tags to a single order, manually create a custom flow for a specific order. Perhaps most worth mentioning, BizBloqs OMS is capable of applying very detailed allocation rules, something most ERP systems are not even capable of.

Actionable Insights

Give everyone in your organization the info they need to make smarter decisions and improve business processes.

Automated Process

Remove bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple drag and drop interface

Single Data Model

Eliminate information silos and create a single source of truth for your enterprise.

We manage your goodswith care

We work with a global network of transport partners and can customize our services or connect with partners to fit your needs. This way, we can support all of your logistic processes. 


Select a purchase order or start receiving goods effortlessly while your OMS keeps immediate and accurate track of all your orders. 


Scale your solution with an almost endless list of additional features to keep up with your company growth and growing complexities. We ensure your goods are in safe hands until they reach their final destination.

Target customers

Every company faces its own unique logistic challenges. BizBloqs is designed to address these challenges with a low/no-code approach and a short implementation time. You too can transform your business in an affordable and responsible way, whether you are active online or manage a complex 3PL environment and everything in between. 


Many of our clients expanded their business with a webshop. Some even started online from scratch. The rapid growth and immense pressure on the logistic processes are what they all have in common. BizBloqs usually comes in when that pressure has built to a peak and OMS is what provides the necessary relief. 


We come in to connect any common webshop platform and get your orders neatly structured in a single place with the deep insights you need to answer all customer inquiries. To get back the feeling of full control is what are customers often talk about after an OMS implementation.


Wholesale companies have a lot to gain from an OMS system, although in our experience they get the most out of BizBloqs solutions when they implement the full WMS solution. Our wholesale customers benefit significantly from our knowledge and expertise in the logistic industry and we often provide ample guidance to streamline and optimize processes.


Order management for production companies has a whole different dimension to manage, as products first need to be managed as ingredients or parts. In some cases, like our farmer and seafood customers, the product is alive and goes through growth stages that need to be carefully managed. BizBloqs is uniquely equipped to handle the various stages or product transformations and can update your inventory accordingly.


Few customers deal with complexities like our 3PL clients do. Managing inventory across multiple locations and multiple owners makes it all too easy to make critical and costly mistakes, unless you maintain the perfect control over your inventory and orders. BizBloqs enjoys the challenging 3PL environments and embraces the opportunity to stretch the legs on our expansive industry experience. We can proudly say we help make 3PL customers even more successful.

OMS Features

                                               BizBloqs has implemented and optimized numerous features that are highly relevant to many industries. We highlighted a few below.

OMS and B2B portal

See all orders in a single place for progress and insight that benefits you as well as your customers

Assembly order management

Time assembly orders to perfection and manage all related actions centrally

Stock management

Have full insight in all your inventory as you transform all your processes

Stock logs

Keep historic records and look back at your stock information at any time

Production management

Digitize your production management and keep close track of all components, products and use of resources

Create invoices

Prepare invoices whenever you need them


We often get asked a wide variety of logistic questions. These are usually very case-specific and the customer or interested party relies on our expertise and experience to provide some insight or a titbit of wisdom. Other questions tend to be more generic and relevant to everyone. Below you will find the answers to some of these most common questions. If your question is not answered, please contact us directly. We are always interested to engage with people who want to learn more about logistics and what we do.

BizBloqs OMS offers a single online dashboard, or cockpit as we like to call it, to control everything related to orders, purchasing, sales, production and assembly from a single location.

We found that our customers are receiving orders from different sales channels and/or from different stock owners. This all has to be managed effectively and uniformly (every time the same way). This only works if you do so in a single system that was designed for this purpose.  In order to build a world-class WMS, it was necessary to also create the best-in-class OMS to service our customers to the best of our ability.

BizBloqs OMS can connect to web shops, marketplaces, carriers, ERP systems and many more solutions that might be present in your business environment. To ensure the integrity of your potentially complex infrastructure, connections and OMS features are implemented in the BizBloqs cloud.

You can achieve a fast implementation, BizBloqs OMS is intuitive to use and the value for money is immediately obvious once you start using it. For example, you can quickly apply a bulk action to all orders (immediate blocking, reservations e.g.) or select the specific orders this should apply to. It is also possible to apply all kinds of rules regarding the handling of orders, which helps to automate actions that would otherwise require manual handling. You can even prevent dependency on human memory, for example to trigger shipping on a date some time in the future e.g.


For your personal touch, it is even possible to brand your OMS environment to truly make it your own.

BizBloqs makes it possible to share certain rights and access with your customers on the OMS. Especially if you took the effort to make the environment reflect your branding, it is a very nice tool to offer your clients and have them keep an eye on their orders in the same view you have with the latest information reflected.


Why take our word for it? We let our customers convince you instead. BizBloqs customers are happy with their solutions and don’t hesitate to share their positive experiences. Our ability to turn any challenge into an efficient solution never fails to impress!


BizBloqs was one of the first to provide a WMS with scanning capabilities and we started a journey together. Our operations have gotten a lot more complex, advanced and especially bigger over the past 5 years and we have simply grown together.

Nick Bisselink, Financial/Operational Director


Now that the process from reception of goods to shipping them out is entirely digitized, Adam Underwear needs six times less time per order. This allows us much better to manage their rapid growth, getting much more done with the exact same number of people as before.

Adam Underwear


When we had extensive logistic requirements beyond the capabilities of our financial solution, BizBloqs shared its expertise to transform Lantaarn’s entire warehouse experience together

Lantaarn Publishers


We needed a better, more transparent and practical system for our incoming and outgoing product flow. A direct overview in our stock and all our logistics movements was really a must. BizBloqs helped us from the start!

Rik Klein - Sales manager


“We were looking for a true logistic partner for our warehouse, not just a simple scanning solution. BizBloqs always gave us the right vibe for all our challenges from the very first moment”,

Daniëlle van Peer, founder I Love Speelgoed

Neeltje Jans

In addition to a scan procedure with EDI integration, BizBloqs has set up an entire production system for us. Production planning can provide direct instructions and as soon as they are ready, it all arrives in the OMS. This gives us a larger production capacity and a drastic reduction of the picking mistakes in dispatching.

Reinier Schot, Head of Production

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We lack the space to share all our combined success stories with our customers, so we have selected a few very interesting stories to share here. Check out all the stories to see which customer might resemble your specific scenario.


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We enjoy conversations about logistics and gladly share our experience as well as our expertise. Reach out to explore with us how we can have an immediate and signicant positive impact on your business.

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Welcome to the BizBloqs product selector. This is a tool we designed to guide you to the right subscription for your business.

If you are not sure how to answer a question, or you are not comfortable with the recommendation, please simply contact us and discuss it with one of our experts. It is our duty and pleasure to guide you to the best of our ability, making sure you arrive at the right well-informed choice that suits your needs perfectly.


BizBloqs offers Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS) and has created a range of subscriptions that service the specific needs of customer profiles we have encountered often in the market.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that we can service the smallest businesses for their basic needs, while the same platform can service the most complex and elaborate logistic requirements as well. This level of scalability allows all our customers to make their subscription grow with their needs, no matter how rapidly they grow or increase the complexity.


I only need very basic features and care most about my outbound process.


Gambit is our entry-level solution that covers the basic needs for companies that are looking to digitize their order fulfilment processes.

The emphasis of this subscription is on the outbound processes, handling all common requirements with ease. Gambit includes the ability to integrate a web shop on the frontend or an ERP system in the backend.

Furthermore, you can connect your Gambit solution to a supported transporter of your choice. Your order fulfilment and stock management have never been easier.


I only need basic features, but inbound and outbound processes are both very relevant for my requirements.


Pawn is the second-tier subscription of BizBloqs. It offers all the capabilities of Gambit, but also adds full control over the purchasing process. If you are looking to take your business to the next level by digitizing all your warehouse processes altogether, Pawn is the right solution for you.

It offers location management out of the box, supporting one location per article as the standard. All basic processes any small or medium business might need are included, all based on the years of experience and elaborate expertise of BizBloqs. We have taken the best practices of implementations in the past so you can benefit from the best of our capabilities.


I need some advanced features; my situation requires location management and/or we need digital support for batch picking. You could say my needs resemble a wholesaler, reseller or large web shop.


Knight takes your digital logistic capabilities to the level you might see at large companies with a professional setup. In fact, BizBloqs services several companies at this level with its Knight solution. It offers the possibility to manage an article across multiple locations and offers digital management for your batch picking.

Knight is the right solution for you if you need to optimize fairly complex processes or large operations. If location management is a big part of your business, Knight is the right subscription level for you. This solution is popular amongst wholesalers, resellers and web shops in particular.


I want a standard solution, but with all the bells and whistles. I manage multiple locations and zoning across my warehouses and deal with a lot of orders.


Bishop is the ultimate standard subscription with a wide range of features beyond the capabilities of Knight. It allows for dynamic location management, which allows you to keep track of your stock on the move at all times.

You can manage multiple locations and assign various location zones as per your requirements. Bishop can handle a great number of orders without effort. If this ultimate subscription still doesn’t meet your needs, you would need to consider a custom solution that is tailored specifically to your requirements.


Clearly it will not be possible to make a straightforward recommendation for your needs. That’s perfectly fine, we have the expertise and experience to address your challenges. You will need to work with our experts to digitize your processes and define your workflow.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that we can service the smallest businesses for their basic needs, while the same platform can service the most complex and elaborate logistic requirements as well. We can do this without development in almost all cases, simply by configuring our solutions to reflect your situation perfectly.