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“BizBloqs are subject-matter logistic experts, who listen to my challenges and seem to be always ready to propose a solution that is a best practice, because they have seen and solved it before even in our medical field.”,
– Lorenz Domburg, Owner



Enschede, the Netherlands




Healthcare (Business-to-business), dental healthcare products (both supporting products and consumables)




Wholesaler of all kinds of specialized articles, supplied to resellers, dental practices, producers of dentures, medical specialists, hospitals etc.




The overlap between the disciplines of implantology, dental prostetics, and dental technique is blatantly present. Memodent has the products, knowledge and years of experience to service customers in this field optimally.




  • BizBloqs Knight WMS
  • 10 users
  • Integrated with Exact Online and Transsmart



  • GS1-128 bar codes (data matrix bar codes for additional product-specific information)
  • Medical Device Registration capabilities
  • Serial number and batch number used in combination
  • Legal compliance directly managed from WMS



The complex bar code has a key role for information availability in this business, while batch number and serial number have to be used in a combined and automated manner.




A reference by solutions partner Exact brought BizBloqs to the attention of Memodent. It turned out to be the affordable solution with all the capabilities they were looking for.

Original situation

Memodent was handling all their logistic processes manually, which reached a point of unmanageable complexity. They wanted to maintain traceability of all products and articles at all time and this simply couldn’t be guaranteed. Additionally, the administration was a tedious and significantly time-consuming process. Most urgently however, Memodent acknowledged the need to digitize their process for the combination of batch numbers and serial numbers. This was currently most commonly tracked with hand-written notes on paper.

Starting the transformation journey together

Memodent was introduced to us fairly early in BizBloqs’ existence, thanks to an attentive Exact sales representative that recognized the synergies. Once the introductory conversations got on the way, it turned into a joint exploration of features and capabilities. Memodent made good use of the experience and expertise of the BizBloqs team as we joint forces to look deeply into the processes that were targeted for digitization. Initially, the most critical challenges were targeted and as a result the traceability was guaranteed. As part of the original deployment, manual operations and complexities were addressed and the impact on efficiency and compliance requirements was profound.

Unexpected findings

The use of data matrix bar codes (GS1-128) was already natively supported in the Knight WMS. The necessity to absolutely guarantee the traceability however, challenged the BizBloqs team and put even more emphasis on defining the workflow very precisely. Memodent was pleasantly surprised that the Knight WMS actually makes it easier to train people and reduces the need for in-depth product knowledge. As planned, the implementation of BizBloqs  WMS has made it a lot easier to achieve medical legal compliance.

Thanks to Bizbloqs, Memodent Achieved:

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Customer Satisfaction

Current situation

As the collaboration started off by addressing the most critical issues, logically we have picked up various additional activities in our journey together. Even now, Memodent and BizBloqs are on a growth path together. At this point, Memodent is starting with its own production capabilities and the support for this process will be guided by BizBloqs WMS. The use of complex labels for production adds a complexity and the companies will address this together, like true partners.

Final words

Memodent is a customer of the first hour at BizBloqs and our partnership works beautifully. They never feel restricted in their plans or ambitions as the WMS can be configured to handle everything they require. Whenever Memodent needs to pivot or innovate, BizBloqs is informed and gets involved, to ensure their implemented WMS solution is part of the successful next steps in their journey.

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Welcome to the BizBloqs product selector. This is a tool we designed to guide you to the right subscription for your business.

If you are not sure how to answer a question, or you are not comfortable with the recommendation, please simply contact us and discuss it with one of our experts. It is our duty and pleasure to guide you to the best of our ability, making sure you arrive at the right well-informed choice that suits your needs perfectly.


BizBloqs offers Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS) and has created a range of subscriptions that service the specific needs of customer profiles we have encountered often in the market.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that we can service the smallest businesses for their basic needs, while the same platform can service the most complex and elaborate logistic requirements as well. This level of scalability allows all our customers to make their subscription grow with their needs, no matter how rapidly they grow or increase the complexity.


I only need very basic features and care most about my outbound process.


Gambit is our entry-level solution that covers the basic needs for companies that are looking to digitize their order fulfilment processes.

The emphasis of this subscription is on the outbound processes, handling all common requirements with ease. Gambit includes the ability to integrate a web shop on the frontend or an ERP system in the backend.

Furthermore, you can connect your Gambit solution to a supported transporter of your choice. Your order fulfilment and stock management have never been easier.


I only need basic features, but inbound and outbound processes are both very relevant for my requirements.


Pawn is the second-tier subscription of BizBloqs. It offers all the capabilities of Gambit, but also adds full control over the purchasing process. If you are looking to take your business to the next level by digitizing all your warehouse processes altogether, Pawn is the right solution for you.

It offers location management out of the box, supporting one location per article as the standard. All basic processes any small or medium business might need are included, all based on the years of experience and elaborate expertise of BizBloqs. We have taken the best practices of implementations in the past so you can benefit from the best of our capabilities.


I need some advanced features; my situation requires location management and/or we need digital support for batch picking. You could say my needs resemble a wholesaler, reseller or large web shop.


Knight takes your digital logistic capabilities to the level you might see at large companies with a professional setup. In fact, BizBloqs services several companies at this level with its Knight solution. It offers the possibility to manage an article across multiple locations and offers digital management for your batch picking.

Knight is the right solution for you if you need to optimize fairly complex processes or large operations. If location management is a big part of your business, Knight is the right subscription level for you. This solution is popular amongst wholesalers, resellers and web shops in particular.


I want a standard solution, but with all the bells and whistles. I manage multiple locations and zoning across my warehouses and deal with a lot of orders.


Bishop is the ultimate standard subscription with a wide range of features beyond the capabilities of Knight. It allows for dynamic location management, which allows you to keep track of your stock on the move at all times.

You can manage multiple locations and assign various location zones as per your requirements. Bishop can handle a great number of orders without effort. If this ultimate subscription still doesn’t meet your needs, you would need to consider a custom solution that is tailored specifically to your requirements.


Clearly it will not be possible to make a straightforward recommendation for your needs. That’s perfectly fine, we have the expertise and experience to address your challenges. You will need to work with our experts to digitize your processes and define your workflow.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that we can service the smallest businesses for their basic needs, while the same platform can service the most complex and elaborate logistic requirements as well. We can do this without development in almost all cases, simply by configuring our solutions to reflect your situation perfectly.