Why a WMS should work for the business and not the other way around

Have business processes become a chaotic combination of complex logistics processes and inefficient workflows? If so, it’s high time to take matters into your own hands and put your warehouse management system under the microscope. In this article, you will discover why a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is no longer optional for companies that want to excel in the modern business world and learn why a WMS should work for the company and not the other way around. In addition, you’ll discover how a well-integrated WMS system can transform the business from chaos to streamlined efficiency.



The consequences of an ineffective WMS system

In the dynamic world of warehouse management, a properly functioning WMS is hugely important. But what if this essential tool is not working properly? The consequences can have a major impact on the company’s overall performance. For example:


1. Delayed order processing: a poorly integrated WMS can lead to delays in order processing. Mistakes are easily made and a lack of real-time information can lead to long lead times and delays in the supply chain.
2. Reduced operational efficiency: an ineffective WMS can lead to reduced operational efficiency. Inaccurate storage locations and routes for order picking, and inadequate inventory management can lead to costly waste of time, resources, and labor.
3. Increasing costs: a poorly integrated WMS can drive up operating costs. The lack of information about all inventory in the warehouse can lead to inventory levels that are too high or too low. This results in unnecessary storage and procurement costs. In addition, an inefficient WMS system can cause additional costs. Consider, for example, higher labor costs and high error rates among warehouse employees.
4. Lower customer satisfaction: a WMS that does not function properly can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Delivery delays, shipment errors, and lack of transparency can lead to negative customer experiences. As a result, the company’s reputation takes a hit and customers switch to competitors in the market.
5. Lack of real-time visibility: ineffective WMS systems are a real disaster for business intelligence. The lack of logistics data, such as inventory, order picking, and operational performance, makes it difficult for management to make informed decisions.



Here’s how to make a WMS work for your business

Fortunately, it is quite possible to avoid these consequences with new technologies in supply chain management. Implementing an advanced WMS system is an important part of this. After all, if you choose a WMS system that is tailored to the company’s specific needs and processes, the entire supply chain will get a positive boost. Make sure the system offers sufficient functionality, such as real-time inventory visibility, order tracking, and an accessible user interface.


In addition, it is important to ensure that the system can integrate seamlessly with existing systems. For example, consider the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With proper integration, data is transmitted accurately and you create a smooth flow of information between different departments within the company. Next, consider who is responsible for updates to the WMS systems. Here, distinguish between the management of the WMS system and regular updates.


Regular checks and audits of a WMS are essential to detect and correct any problems or discrepancies in time. If you manage a WMS then you are verifying inventory data, evaluating operational performance, and identifying areas for improvement in the supply chain.



Train warehouse employees for quick implementation

Training warehouse employees is essential for a smooth and quick implementation of a warehouse management system. Ensure adequate involvement in the use of the system. After all, they need to become familiar with the functionalities of these new it systems and should eventually be able to work with them properly. Regular training sessions ensure that the WMS works efficiently. This is especially important if the company manages multiple warehouses.


Finally, keep striving for continuous improvement and optimization of the WMS. Modern technology provides real-time insight into operations through a clear interface. These actions are stored in the warehouse management system, giving the (online) retailer instant insight into important information. Implement improvements based on this information. Think about automating inventory management, further developing storage locations, and improving picking routes for products.


AI and warehouse optimization

Artificial intelligence has taken warehouse management to the next level. We can now call a modern WMS in the same breath as Software as a Service (SaaS). That’s because advanced technology opens up new possibilities. Not only for large enterprises but also for smaller warehouses looking to ramp up production.


AI’s main operations in warehouse management are automating orders and optimizing picking routes. AI uses machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns and trends, making it possible to optimize these processes. Another area in which AI excels is predictive inventory management. For example, the WMS checks whether there is sufficient inventory and which products or items sell best. Based on this, AI predicts future demand patterns, after which inventory levels can be adjusted.


Finally, AI also plays a crucial role in implementing automated warehouse systems. Consider autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated sorting systems. These systems use AI to autonomously navigate the warehouse, avoid obstacles and move goods. They can also interact with human warehouse workers, with AI optimizing coordination and task distribution.


Lower costs through a WMS in the cloud

A well-integrated WMS can provide substantial cost savings for businesses. After all, with the help of advanced software, it is no longer necessary to invest in your own hardware. Everything is arranged in the cloud and you have real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, inventory, storage, and orders via mobile devices. With a WMS in the cloud, it is also possible to manage e-commerce activities, streamline collaborations with suppliers and improve the recording of the entire inventory.


By implementing cloud technology in a WMS, it is also possible to scale flexibly. The result is substantial cost savings in terms of labor, warehouse management, costs of vehicles bringing products to customers, and more. This ensures higher customer satisfaction and efficiency in warehouse management.


Software as a service

Inefficient warehouse management can result in delays, operational inefficiencies, high costs, and dissatisfied customers. Fortunately, there is a solution. Implement an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) with BizBloqs. With our expertise and customized solutions, you can take back control of your warehouse processes and benefit from optimized inventory management, efficient order processing, and improved customer satisfaction.

Let BizBloqs transform your business by implementing a WMS that works for your business, not the other way around. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from streamlined logistics and the competitive advantage that an effective WMS provides. Prepare for growth and success with BizBloqs as your trusted partner in warehouse management!


Willem Ten Asbroek

Willem Ten Asbroek

CEO, Bizbloqs Management Solution B.V.

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