Top 5 things to think about when planning a WMS implementation

wms implementatie

When planning and executing a WMS implementation, there are several important considerations that you should not overlook. This is because these issues can have a significant impact on the success of the implementation and achieving the benefits of a good warehouse management system. In this article, we will discuss the top five things you should think about when implementing this new system. By keeping these things in mind during WMS selection, you can avoid pitfalls, overcome obstacles and build a solid foundation for effective and efficient operation of your warehouse.

wms implementatie

#1 Identify specific business needs

Successful implementation of a WMS system begins with identifying specific business needs. At the same time, it is important to conduct a thorough, functional analysis before choosing a WMS system. But what steps do you take to perform this analysis properly?


Map the current logistics process

You start by mapping current processes by creating a detailed overview. From receiving and accepting goods to shipping products to consumers. Clarify key activities, work processes and bottlenecks on separate pages. This will come in handy when choosing a WMS vendor.


Determine objectives

Next, determine what goals you have for the WMS implementation. Think, for example, of generally improving operational processes, changing internal warehouse processes or working more cheaply and efficiently in preparation for times of crisis.


Identify specific needs

Think about the functionalities the WMS should have within your company. For example, think about what integrations need to be made with existing systems. Do you need WMS specialists to test links with the new warehouse management system or is there a project team ready for this job?


Involve various departments in choosing a new WMS

Consult and involve key people within your organization in the decision to choose a new WMS. Consider warehouse managers, logistics staff and IT personnel.Gather their input and insights and look in particular at current challenges.What improvements do you take as a starting point and what features are of value to day-to-day operations?


Conduct a thorough comparison

Compare several WMS vendors based on functionality, scalability, implementation process, customer support and reputation.Compare the features and capabilities of each system to your own list of requirements.Then select the WMS vendor that best fits your needs and schedule a demo or trial period to see the systems in action.


Conduct a cost-benefit analysis

Assess the cost of implementing and maintaining the WMS against the expected benefits and ROI. Consider both direct costs, such as licensing, implementation costs and maintenance costs, and indirect costs.These may include costs for training and changing processes. Always make sure the WMS solution offers a good balance between functionality and value for your investment.


#2 Choosing the right vendor for a successful WMS implementation

Choosing a reliable supplier of WMS systems is an important job.First of all, it is important to look at the supplier’s expertise and experience.Do research on customer reviews and references and preferably choose a vendor with proven experience in your industry to make a good WMS selection.

Did you know that… scalability is essential when choosing a WMS system?This is because if the system is scalable, then the system can quickly adapt to the changing needs and growth of your business!

We’ve already mentioned it briefly, but it’s important to look at the integration capabilities of a WMS. Look for WMS systems that allow seamless integration with existing systems. Consider linkages with ERP software, systems that track physical inventory and systems that monitor logistics performance.Finally, it is important to ask vendors about their vision for the future.Can systems be adapted quickly to grow with new technologies and trends?


#3 The implementation process of the new WMS system

Warehouse management systems are complex. If you invested in implementing a warehouse management system several years ago, preparation and working in phases was essential. From creating a timeline with action items to assigning specific roles to individual team members to oversee the implementation. This method takes not only time, but also a sizable budget.


Fortunately, WMS implementation by BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) is a lot easier these days. Our solutions are specifically designed to be configurable, eliminating the need to employ a programmer. Solutions are configured, customized and implemented much faster compared to traditional software. This saves costs and reduces the complexity of working with a WMS. In addition, with BizBloqs it is possible to quickly integrate other software solutions. Think for example of the existing ERP system, Magento, WordPress, Afas and more.


Before the WMS is fully operational and the WMS implementation is successful, you perform a test phase. This is an incredibly important phase because during this phase you take care of configuring systems and performing data conversions. In this way, you ensure that the old system can work well with a new system. Do all systems work well together? Then the implementation is successful!


#4 Change management and training opportunities

WMS implementations run more smoothly when employees are properly trained.This includes not only employees who work directly with the warehouse management system, but also employees who work indirectly with the system.During training sessions, these employees learn how to use a WMS system.From entering and retrieving data to managing inventory levels and tracking shipments.After WMS implementations, the way of working in the warehouse changes.


After all, many changes and adjustments have been made.Therefore, for effective change management, open communication and involvement of the entire team is incredibly important.Explain why new techniques are positive and how you will manage the successful implementation of a WMS system together.With an effective communication plan in which you share the progress of a new WMS project with the team, you ensure less resistance and concerns among staff members.


5 Continuous optimization

Implementing a WMS is an important step to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics processes.However, WMS implementation is not a one-time effort.To ensure that the WMS performs well and continues to meet your organization’s changing needs and new challenges, it is critical to embrace a culture of continuous optimization and evaluation.


This means regularly evaluating WMS performance, analyzing data, gathering user feedback and identifying opportunities for improvement. By constantly striving to optimize and adapt the WMS, you can constantly stay one step ahead of the competition.Implementing a WMS is just the beginning of a journey toward continuous improvement, where the logistics processes within your company become increasingly efficient and effective.

A successful implementation of a WMS is not the end point, but the beginning of a continuous improvement process. Stay alert, keep your finger on the pulse and keep striving for optimization. That way, you can continue to benefit from the advantages of a well-functioning WMS that take your logistics processes to a higher level.


Willem Ten Asbroek

Willem Ten Asbroek

CEO, Bizbloqs Management Solution B.V.

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