How can warehouse management reduce costs?


Warehouse costs represent a large proportion of overall logistics costs. Therefore, as a warehouse manager/director of operations, you will be constantly striving to improve and reduce warehouse costs.

The economy is not stable. It takes a well-planned strategy to boost warehouse efficiency while reducing operational costs in order to maximize earnings for firms. The competition is fierce and warehouses can fall prey to the temptation of spending too much money on unnecessary things.

Distributor professionals should be focusing on reducing warehouse expenses. It is important to find ways to improve the efficiency of your business processes so that you can reduce costs. In this article we have discussed how can warehouse management reduce costs. Keep reading to know more.


Reduced Cost of Warehouse Management

A warehouse needs to have the right product in a buy-ready condition at just the right time in order for the supply and demand principle to work properly. Convenient and safe warehouses can offer value to a company value. You can accomplish this by applying these six factors:


  • The item is protected.
  • Accessibility
  • Equipment
  • Space
  • Labor
  • Equipment

If you maintain these rules, it will be easy to find out where your money goes and how to reduce costs.

Ways to reduce cost



Inventory visibility across your entire supply chain provides important and obvious benefits, especially with the new wave of online shoppers, shifting retail trends, as well as global shifts and changes in spending.

Owners of businesses are often too busy to notice this and neglect it. It can be irritating if you have to rely on an employee’s memory for product location. This is especially true in companies that enforce social distancing, and when employees are absent.

Sincere businesses who cannot meet these requirements will soon lose out to those who rise to the occasion. It goes without saying that addressing consumer demand begins with inventory visibility.

Energy Settings:

It is time to reevaluate the lighting options available and the thermostat number.

The easiest way to cut operational costs is not to damage a facility’s existing infrastructure. Instead, look closely at your energy consumption. A warehouse might be filled with energy-sucking lights that have been ordered on an automatic basis for years. It is possible to swap your bulbs for more energy-efficient ones whenever you can. provides a great breakdown here.

Reevaluate the climate control plan in your warehouse. Some facilities require tight control to ensure hygiene and process safety. But many others do not. Look at your needs and make adjustments. You will be able to positively impact the financial health of your business and also do your part for Mother Earth.

Optimize your storage spaces

If you’re even remotely interested in warehousing, you’ll be able to tell that there are many options. While these systems can seem expensive initially, they are designed to save square feet. This is a powerful factor that could lead to a cost-saving option downsizing or the ability to store more inventory.

Make sure that you choose vertical storage and communicate your design plans with your supplier. Transparency ensures that all parties are clear about their goals, so you can maximize your space.


You should first locate your zone and make an effort to reduce costs within your warehouse.

  • Location in your warehouse that is most easily accessible
  • You should know where to store the items that are most frequently used
  • It is best to position larger, heavier, and more slow-moving inventory towards your back.

This can help staff pick faster and more accurately, as well as cut your overheads – with order picking accounting for up to half of the total warehouse operating costs, slotting optimization can help you save money.


Automated Picking Technologies

If your company has a large inventory, it may be time to invest in automated picking technology to supplement the job of your picking staff. Many collaborative robots are built to speed up selecting procedures, though the initial investment might be high depending on the amount of technology chosen.

This number is especially powerful for operations that have been financially burdened by human errors or who are interested in long-term pick technologies that do not require any modification to their existing infrastructure. This process will ensure an increase in productivity. This can lead to a significant amount of additional cash over the long term.


In the wake of COVID-19, several retailers are attempting to go e-commerce. Technology advances at a rapid pace. Your solution must be adaptable and up to date in order for you to improve every part of your supply chain. Because of the unique technology that has been developed, modern distribution strategies can be found all over the world.

Warehouse management systems, or WMS, can help individuals businesses find specific solutions for the major challenges they face today. This includes transitioning to a cloud-based system so staff can enforce social distance and work from home. It also helps improve visibility and inventory management, all with the ultimate goal of providing exceptional customer service.

A WMS allows you to manage all aspects of your supply chain. They can solve your business problems easily. WMSs can automate, optimize and improve all aspects of your supply chain to ensure up to 99 percent accuracy in inventory. And bizbloqs is offering the best service when you compare with other companies


A general plan should be created and a matrix developed to measure success. Each employee must know their performance goals as well the overall goals for the company. You should evaluate every step for potential improvement. This should be repeated frequently.


Cross-train and ensure that every employee is properly trained so that the work doesn’t stop due to sick days or doctor appointments. Make sure to find ways to retain your employees. Motivation and flexibility help keep employees motivated. You can schedule workers and hire temporary help during busy times.


Technology is crucial to controlling warehouse costs. And in present, there are many options available that can help you improve efficiency, reduce mistakes and save money.

You can identify the areas where cost-cutting measures will be most needed by digging into every aspect of your business. As each measure is implemented, costs decrease, it is possible to finance the more costly options using savings. And bizbloqs offer the perfect solution on how to reduce costs.

Every change will lead to other cost-saving opportunities in the related areas. Each warehouse is unique, so some ideas may not work for everyone. Keep in mind that every measure can bring you huge potential benefits over the long term.


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Willem Ten Asbroek

Willem Ten Asbroek

CEO, Bizbloqs Management Solution B.V.

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