How BizBloqs’ Corporate Culture encourages innovation and collaboration

BizBloqs' Corporate Culture

At BizBloqs, it’s not just about the technological solutions we offer but also the foundations that characterize our corporate culture. Innovation and collaboration pulse through our company’s veins. In this article, we delve into how the corporate culture at BizBloqs influences not only our internal dynamics but also how we engage with customers, delivering high-quality solutions. After reading this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect from us!


A Deep Dive into BizBloqs’ Corporate Culture

Collaboration and teamwork

At BizBloqs, collaboration isn’t merely a term; it’s a way of life. Our corporate culture promotes a collaborative approach, where teams work closely to develop innovative solutions. This not only facilitates a smooth exchange of ideas but also fosters a collective effort to tackle challenges and achieve goals. Our teams share not only knowledge but also successes, contributing to a stimulating work environment. Potential clients benefit from our collaborative approach, receiving not only high-quality technological solutions but also finding a partner deeply involved in understanding and addressing their specific challenges.


Innovation as a driving force

BizBloqs believes in continuously exploring new possibilities and embracing innovation as a guiding force. Our corporate culture encourages employees to think outside the box, embrace new technologies, and develop solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges. We foster a culture of continuous improvement, where employees are encouraged to explore new ideas and contribute to the evolution of our technological solutions. Our clients benefit from this open communication and transparency, forming a partnership where they are fully informed about the progress of their projects, and their input is invaluable.


Open communication and transparency

A strong corporate culture thrives on open communication and transparency. At BizBloqs, every employee is encouraged to voice their opinions, share ideas, and provide constructive feedback. This not only promotes a sense of engagement but also ensures that everyone feels heard, from the development team to customer service. Our regular communication channels create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, strengthening the connection between all levels of the company. Clients experience profound understanding and engagement, receiving not only solutions but also support for their growth.


Customer-centricity in our DNA

At BizBloqs, customer-centricity is at the core of our corporate culture. We believe that the success of our clients directly determines our success. Our teams are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each client and providing solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. This customer-centric approach is not just a policy but an intrinsic part of who we are as a company. BizBloqs is committed to building and maintaining long-lasting relationships based on trust, engagement, and delivering added value to our esteemed clients.

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Flexibility and adaptability

In our corporate culture, we embrace flexibility and adaptability as crucial elements. This enables us to respond quickly to changing needs and seize new opportunities. BizBloqs goes beyond embracing these principles; we actively integrate them into our approach to technological advancement. Our commitment to innovation means constantly investing in understanding and applying the latest technological developments. By proactively following the latest trends and progress in the technological world, we ensure that our solutions not only meet current requirements but are also prepared for future evolutions. Potential clients benefit from this agility as we provide tailored solutions seamlessly aligned with their evolving demands. We understand that every business is unique, and therefore, we adapt our approach to offer the most optimal solution.


At BizBloqs, it’s not just about the technological solutions we offer but also the core values that define our corporate culture. Innovation and collaboration form the heart of our company, influencing how we operate internally and interact with our clients. After reading this article, we hope you gained a profound insight into how our corporate culture not only influences our internal dynamics but also enhances the quality of the solutions we deliver.


Discover the power of innovation and collaboration

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Willem Ten Asbroek

Willem Ten Asbroek

CEO, Bizbloqs Management Solution B.V.

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If you are not sure how to answer a question, or you are not comfortable with the recommendation, please simply contact us and discuss it with one of our experts. It is our duty and pleasure to guide you to the best of our ability, making sure you arrive at the right well-informed choice that suits your needs perfectly.


BizBloqs offers Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS) and has created a range of subscriptions that service the specific needs of customer profiles we have encountered often in the market.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that we can service the smallest businesses for their basic needs, while the same platform can service the most complex and elaborate logistic requirements as well. This level of scalability allows all our customers to make their subscription grow with their needs, no matter how rapidly they grow or increase the complexity.


I only need very basic features and care most about my outbound process.


Gambit is our entry-level solution that covers the basic needs for companies that are looking to digitize their order fulfilment processes.

The emphasis of this subscription is on the outbound processes, handling all common requirements with ease. Gambit includes the ability to integrate a web shop on the frontend or an ERP system in the backend.

Furthermore, you can connect your Gambit solution to a supported transporter of your choice. Your order fulfilment and stock management have never been easier.


I only need basic features, but inbound and outbound processes are both very relevant for my requirements.


Pawn is the second-tier subscription of BizBloqs. It offers all the capabilities of Gambit, but also adds full control over the purchasing process. If you are looking to take your business to the next level by digitizing all your warehouse processes altogether, Pawn is the right solution for you.

It offers location management out of the box, supporting one location per article as the standard. All basic processes any small or medium business might need are included, all based on the years of experience and elaborate expertise of BizBloqs. We have taken the best practices of implementations in the past so you can benefit from the best of our capabilities.


I need some advanced features; my situation requires location management and/or we need digital support for batch picking. You could say my needs resemble a wholesaler, reseller or large web shop.


Knight takes your digital logistic capabilities to the level you might see at large companies with a professional setup. In fact, BizBloqs services several companies at this level with its Knight solution. It offers the possibility to manage an article across multiple locations and offers digital management for your batch picking.

Knight is the right solution for you if you need to optimize fairly complex processes or large operations. If location management is a big part of your business, Knight is the right subscription level for you. This solution is popular amongst wholesalers, resellers and web shops in particular.


I want a standard solution, but with all the bells and whistles. I manage multiple locations and zoning across my warehouses and deal with a lot of orders.


Bishop is the ultimate standard subscription with a wide range of features beyond the capabilities of Knight. It allows for dynamic location management, which allows you to keep track of your stock on the move at all times.

You can manage multiple locations and assign various location zones as per your requirements. Bishop can handle a great number of orders without effort. If this ultimate subscription still doesn’t meet your needs, you would need to consider a custom solution that is tailored specifically to your requirements.


Clearly it will not be possible to make a straightforward recommendation for your needs. That’s perfectly fine, we have the expertise and experience to address your challenges. You will need to work with our experts to digitize your processes and define your workflow.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that we can service the smallest businesses for their basic needs, while the same platform can service the most complex and elaborate logistic requirements as well. We can do this without development in almost all cases, simply by configuring our solutions to reflect your situation perfectly.