A warehouse management system as part of crisis management

Imagine a crisis hits your business and logistics processes are suddenly challenged or even shut down. In an uncertain economy, it is important to think about effective strategies to remain resilient. This is where the warehouse management system emerges as the ultimate crisis tool. In this article, you will discover how an advanced WMS system can not only ensure growth and a smooth supply chain but also provide benefits in times of uncertainty.


crisis management

An unexpected crisis can present considerable challenges. Consider disruptions in the supply chain, a sudden increase in staff turnover, and unexpected demand patterns. That’s why effective crisis management is essential in the world of warehouse management. And this is where the implementation of a Warehouse Management System comes in. Through advanced functionalities and processes, a WMS provides the ability to streamline logistics processes. This ensures that companies remain resilient even during tough times.


Doing more with less

Unemployment will rise to 3.9% by 2023, and this will have major consequences for Dutch companies. If you suffer from understaffing during successive quarters, this will affect the supply chain and customer satisfaction. With investments in a good WMS, production can continue. This is because the system automates order processing, inventory management, and real-time insight into goods flows. In short, with a WMS you can do more with less manpower.


Less loss of knowledge when employees resign

Dependence on experienced warehouse workers can be a considerable risk during a crisis. But with an advanced WMS, companies can reduce this dependence. A WMS provides automated and standardized processes, making companies less dependent on warehouse workers and their specific knowledge. That way, companies can keep running smoothly even when there is a high turnover of personnel in a short period of time. In addition, a WMS can serve as a knowledge base, recording important information that is accessible to all employees. In this way, less knowledge is lost upon departure and supply chain continuity is protected, even during crisis situations.


Less reliance on experienced warehouse workers

Rapid implementation of an effective crisis plan is essential in times of inflation. If this plan increases the level of internal training, it helps to reduce costs. With a WMS, new employees can be inducted quickly and efficiently because operating procedures are standardized and the WMS provides visual instructions. With a good WMS, companies gain the ability to ensure continuity and maintain specific knowledge and workflows. Regardless of who is present in the warehouse.


Fewer skilled workers needed

In times of high unemployment, the ability to deploy personnel quickly is invaluable. An advanced Warehouse Management System allows companies to operate with fewer skilled personnel. In fact, an intuitive interface and user-friendly features allow employees to quickly get to work, even without extensive experience in the logistics industry.


Ability to scale up or down quickly

A WMS in the cloud is scalable and therefore quickly adaptable to changing circumstances. By implementing an advanced WMS, employers can easily scale up or down the workforce depending on demand, consumption, and forecasted sales. This means that companies no longer depend on a fixed team of experienced warehouse workers. If a situation arises in which collective bargaining wages go up, for example, but profits do not, a WMS makes it possible to switch quickly.


Better insights into inventory movements

When supply and demand fluctuate unpredictably, insight into inventory changes can be quite a challenge. A WMS provides real-time insights into inventory changes, offering companies the ability to proactively manage inventory. With the help of automation software and comprehensive reporting, managers get instant updates on incoming and outgoing goods flows. This allows companies to make quick adjustments and minimize shortages or surpluses. The result is a stronger position against competitors.


Accurate inventory management

Accurate inventory management is very important during a crisis. After all, you don’t want to produce too much, but certainly not too little. With a WMS, companies can develop a strategy for accurate inventory recording and control. Indeed, through automated processes, barcode scanning, and real-time data analysis, a WMS enables companies to get a reliable, real-time overview of their inventory movements.


WMS implementation in cooperation with BizBloqs

In a crisis, accurate inventory management is important in any industry, and an advanced WMS provides the solution. With a WMS, companies can accurately track inventory movements from receiving to shipping. In addition, companies get real-time visibility into inventory levels. This helps minimize errors, reduce losses, and prevent shortages or surpluses.


With excellent inventory visibility, companies can increase warehouse efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs, even in the most challenging crisis situations. Wondering how we can make that happen for your business?

Contact us now to learn more about the seamless integration of a Warehouse Management System from BizBloqs.


Willem Ten Asbroek

Willem Ten Asbroek

CEO, Bizbloqs Management Solution B.V.

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