Wholesalers have to adapt to the market and operate an efficient and effective supply chain if they are to achieve long term success in demanding marketplaces.

The modern wholesaler needs instant access to key information on stock positions and order fulfilment and the ability to handle orders from every sales channel.

BizBloqs connects wholesalers with their customer base through custom B2B portals that integrate with finance and warehouse management systems to create a unified solution.

Work lean across every sales channel and receive orders instantly via API integration

Core processes reflect challenges that every wholesaler must face and customised workflows ensure our solutions work effectively in every distribution operation.

Cut out inefficient and error-prone manual processes and modernise your operations using digital data capture in real time.

BizBloqs provides integrated inventory management software that eliminates manual activities and allows business owners to focus on developing new products and generating sales.


B2B trade portals

Provide secure order portals and configure business rules for trade clients

ERP integration

Automatically update your finance system and avoid manual processing

Webshop integration

Receive orders in real-time via API integration with your ecommerce platforms

Shipping Integration

Create courier consignments and print labels within the BizBloqs app

Real time insight on stock

Identify stocking and clearance issues on any device at any time

Assemble to order

Transform Bill of Materials components into finished goods using assembly orders

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