Retailers must focus on operational effectiveness if they are to provide a seamless omni-channel customer experience.

The modern retailer must have product visibility throughout the supply chain and monitor on-hand and order balances in real time.

BizBloqs connects retailers to their customer and supplier base by integrating web shops and online selling platforms with finance, warehouse and order management systems.

Increase product availability and prioritise high margin sales using business rules

Our configurable workflow technology and data connection platform means we can adapt our solution to your specific business requirements.

Core processes reflect challenges that every retailer must face and customised workflows ensure our solutions works effectively in every distribution centre.

BizBloqs manages stock at every inventory point and supports in-store stock counting and carrier integration for effective delivery management.


VMI Capabilities

Set replenishment levels across all channels to improve product availability

Order management

Allow store-level ordering to drive improved sales performance

Shipping Integration

Create courier consignments and print labels within the BizBloqs app

Webshop integration

Receive orders in real-time via API integration with your ecommerce platforms

Fast trading partner set-up

Data mapping in place for major selling platforms like Amazon and eBay

Bring your own device functionality

Use BizBloqs throughout your supply chain on Android, ios and Windows devices

Great to work with

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