Manufacturers are facing ever increasing competition and customer demands as well as greater regulation and compliance measures.

The modern manufacturer must seek complete end-to-end visibility of their operations regardless of the industry type or manufacturing process.

BizBloqs allows manufacturers to effectively manage production input & output flows and can be deployed throughout the supply chain to deliver full inventory visibility.

Capture order progress and monitor inventory across the supply chain

The workflow technology that underpins BizBloqs means we can adapt our solution to specific business requirements.

Core processes reflect challenges that every manufacturer must face and customised workflows ensure that every solution works effectively on the shop floor.

BizBloqs provides a manufacturing data capture capture system that provides a single view of order progress and inventory levels in real time.


Materials flow management

Manage raw materials, packaging, work in progress and finished goods stock levels

Yield & schedule visibility

Identify adherence to plan for materials, labour and machine utilisation

Multi-level BoM

Control the consumption of all component parts and keep accurate stock levels

Inspections functionality

Implement quality processes to meet legal and customer specifications

Automation control

Control automation and manual handling equipment via PLC data messaging

Machine & resource time logging

Keep a tight grip on operational performance with real-time data capture

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