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Scale the business

Business owners have to address the question of scale once the operation becomes too big for complete hands-on control.

The key elements of business scalability are efficiency, effectiveness, simplification and standardisation.

The way to achieve all of these elements is to implement an integrated system featuring custom workflows and processes that fit your business.

Simplify and Standardise using custom workflows and digital data capture

Unlock paper-free processing by automating tasks and integrating finance, CRM and eCommerce systems to deliver cross-functional operational processes.

Use smart hardware and digital data capture to drive out manual processes that do not add customer value.

The BizBloqs team contains decades of business and technology experience and expertise - please get in touch if you would like to investigate how to improve your business.


Paperless warehouse

Use digital technology to capture transactions and process orders in real time

Machine & resource time logging

Keep a tight grip on operational performance with integrated data capture

Data mapping templates

Use structured workflow to quickly configure links with other IT systems

Real time insight on stock

Manage inbound and outbound flows with order-driven receiving & picking

Batch management

Control items at the batch and lot level anywhere in the facility

Enterprise-level cloud security

Encrypted databases with secure architecture and failover capabilities

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