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System Integration

Are you having to deal with the effects of business growth and piecemeal solutions to operational problems?

Companies have to reach a certain maturity and scale before they can implement integrated business management software to maintain standards across the operation.

The standard development pathway sees small companies utilise a finance package and standalone opportunity management solution alongside spreadsheets and email.

Integrate your legacy systems and monitor business performance in real time

Additional separate inventory management, order management and fulfilment systems are then deployed as required to leave a complex application operating environment.

BizBloqs makes integrating your business systems a straightforward process thanks to our existing API integrations with major ERP programs.

Our data connection platform allows companies to sync their sales channels and eliminate duplication, reduce errors, improve efficiency and cut costs.


Fast trading partner set-up

Data mapping in place for major selling platforms like Amazon and eBay

EDI data mapping templates

Use structured mapping templates to quickly configure links with key customers

Rule-based data manipulation

Amend data flows to match requirements of customer and supplier systems

Critical path data messaging

Trigger alerts using business rules and react fast to resolve operational issues

Message database querying

Audit and investigate using system management information screens

Drill down functionality

Identify business critical data and set-up custom reports for deep analysis

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