Warehouse Management System

BizBloqs warehouse management systems are simple to use, highly capable and completely configurable.

Our solutions are easily customised and are suitable for every size of company in every type of industry.

Take control of your operations and drive efficiencies with fully integrated finance and order fulfilment systems.

Drive performance and productivity with custom WMS workflows

Use business rules to allocate orders and stock and break down warehouse tasks into smaller sub-routines to optimise efficiency.

We understand that different businesses have different requirements and have designed our warehouse management systems to fit all operations.

BizBloqs has the right WMS for your business and our powerful solutions can be scaled to fit as the operation grows.

Warehousing Solutions

  • Make the leap into a modern way of working with a simple, user friendly warehouse system that will add traceability, stock integrity & paperless processing to your operation.

    Our entry level solution digitizes warehouse processes and reduces administrative tasks by integrating with your finance system.

    Pawn WMS is aimed at smaller companies that want to move away from paper-based warehousing operations and increase control and efficiency.


    Paperless warehouse

    Use digital technology to capture transactions and process orders in real time

    Real time insight on stock

    Manage inbound and outbound flows with order-driven receiving & picking

    Single bulk and picking locations

    Use simple but effective workflows and replenish picking locations from bulk stock

    Value-added services

    Handle a wide range of activities and capture productivities and quality levels

    Batch management

    Control items at the batch and lot level with full location traceability

    Serial number tracking

    Provide full activity history using inventory transaction logging

  • Gain control over your operation by creating a system-driven warehouse capable of handling complex order rules and workflows.

    Our most popular solution allows different flows for each process, area & resource and is a truly scalable and configurable solution that will help your business grow to the next level.

    Knight WMS is aimed at companies that are ready to move to the next level by driving efficiencies & adopting advanced logistical processes in your warehouse operation.


    Multi-location management

    Store items across multiple locations and pick according to business rules

    Multi-layer stock management (EAN)

    Hold multiple barcodes and quantities against items to drive efficiency

    Multi-order receiving & picking

    Batch receive and pick to optimise warehouse productivities

    Signature and image capture integration

    Record evidence of proof of delivery and product quality issues

    Omni-channel management

    Use business rules to prioritise orders according to service levels

    3PL multi-tenant fulfilment

    Invoice operational activities (and not sales) against the product owner

  • Drive maximum efficiency in larger distribution operations by using a task-based warehouse management system to break down work by task or zone.

    Our most advanced solution allows the creation of process hierarchies, team working and task threading to deliver optimal performance across every flow.

    Castle WMS is aimed at larger warehousing operations with a high throughput volume and capacity who need a technical solution to deliver ultimate efficiency.


    Task-driven operations

    Optimise operations by scheduling multiple tasks against a single order

    Time-based planning

    Delay tasks until they are required using actual operational performance data

    Real-time replenishment

    Interweave replenishment with order picking using event driven work scheduling

    Hierarchical task threading

    Break down operations into tasks and sub tasks and configure custom workflows

    Integrated cycle counting

    Continuously check stock accuracy and remove the need for annual audits

    Vendor performance

    Record and monitor supplier performance across a range of operational metrics

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