Warehouse control system

The BizBloqs technology platform connects businesses, functions and physical and mechanical operations.

Our warehouse control systems connect with automation equipment to provide real-time control and optimum resource utilisation.

Manage the flow of stock through the warehouse and get real time visibility of stock levels and locations.

Control complex automated warehousing operations using a single system

Work with a single interface for your human activity and your material handling systems like conveyors, carousels, palletizers and sorters.

Our connection platform communicates with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to direct each unit’s operation to support the flow of material through your operation.

BizBloqs allows companies to truly optimise their operations by seamlessly integrating end-to-end warehousing operations.


Operational Intelligence Dashboard

Gain a single view of human and machine activity and performance

Rule-based reporting & alerting

Configure custom reporting and trigger email alerts using business rules

PLC communication

Control automation and manual handling equipment via data messaging

Bill of materials management

Capture and utilise the latest yield information and update component changes

Integrated labelling capability

Create product and packaging labelling using item information and business rules

High speed sortation functionality

Use conveyor lines for shipping lanes, palletizing operations and packing stations

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