Smart scanning hardware

BizBloqs uses web services and apps to deliver cross-platform business solutions to Android, iOS and Windows devices.

We use technology that is platform and device neutral so our customers can choose the best hardware for their business.

Smart scanning devices use wireless or mobile data to access the internet and connect your operations to the rest of the business and the wider world.

Use the latest technology and hardware to work lean with the least touch points

Modern industrial computers are suitable for use in operational environments and free your staff to capture transactional data while they work without being tied to a PC.

BizBloqs also helps minimise costs by supplying a rugged handheld Android scanning device that is suitable for the most demanding of operational environments.

The laser scanning device eliminates the need for users to carry multiple devices and is dust and water proof and drop-tested from a height of 1.8m.


1D & 2D laser scanning

OEM barcode engine delivers accurate and fast reads in a range of conditions

IP64 1.2m drop height

Ruggedised devices capable of working in hostile operating environments

Superb RFID capability

Supports LH, HF, UHF and can read more than 200 tags simultaneously

Long Battery Life

Powerful 3200-mAh lithium-ion main battery and optional 5200mAh pistol grip

8MP Auto Focus Camera

Accurate and high definition image capture provides evidence of quality issues

GPRS, HSPA+, Wifi, Bluetooth

Wireless and mobile connectivity supports both in-house and remote applications

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