BizBloqs lets companies implement processes and procedures to minimise inventory processing time and maximise value recovery.

Our Returns Management solution simplifies the returns process by integrating the receipt process with the warehouse, finance and order management systems.

Create custom workflows to grade products and certify whether a customer refund is appropriate based on the returns reason.

Create custom workflows to cut cycle times and recover maximum selling value

Identify disposal routes for different grades of product and make saleable merchandise instantly available for order picking.

We appreciate that returns are a major source of unplanned work and that system processes must be efficient and effective to mitigate the operational impact.

BizBloqs provides an integrated returns solution that speeds up the credit approval process and minimises the impact on profit levels and customer satisfaction.


Custom receipt workflows

Configure the receiving process to meet financial and reporting requirements

Product grading ability

Identify product status and update stock figures to minimise return to sale time

Credit approval facility

Finance system integration allows instant credit approval upon claim verification

Image capture

Evidence any refusal decisions by capturing and storing product imagery

Inspection standardisation

Ensure all products are handled in the same manner with standardised workflows

Product channel routing

Capture maximum value by routing items to the correct sales or disposal channel

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