Inter-company Logistics

BizBloqs supports diverse company structures and operational requirements using rule-based order workflows.

We understand that modern business is increasingly specialised with separate companies handling sales and distribution even if they share a common ownership.

Cut the number of manual actions by automatically creating the required sales orders, purchase orders, fulfilments and receipts for each enterprise.

Work lean by automating order creation across separate financial entities

Easily launch new businesses and engage in cross-border commerce with no administrative or financial impact on your existing operations.

Our ICL module connects with host finance systems to eliminate the need to raise multiple invoices for the one transaction.

BizBloqs lets business owners choose the type of corporate structure that will best fit the commercial opportunity.


Paperless warehouse

Use digital technology to capture transactions and process orders in real time

Real time insight on stock

Identify stocking and clearance issues on any device at any time

Bulk and picking locations

Optimise picking and replenishment routines with an efficient warehouse plan

Value-added services

Record any activity using a range of standard or custom processes

Batch management

Control items at the batch and lot level with full location traceability

Serial number tracking

Provide full activity history using inventory transaction logging

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