Barcode scanning software

BizBloqs barcode scanning software is available at a price to suit any business and can be scaled to fit as the operation expands.

Modernise your operation with barcode scanning to save time and minimise manual errors.

Speed up your processes by using barcode scanning for receipts, stock counts, and order picking.

Go Paperless and improve productivity levels while increasing pick accuracy

Optimise speed or accuracy as you see fit by using different scan settings for different types of products.

Integrate your shipping service into the solution for a seamless pick and send warehousing operation.

BizBloqs provides barcode scanning solutions that will scale up as the business grows to help drive efficiencies and the bottom line.


Product & order tracking

Track status and progress of purchase, sales and works orders

1D & 2D barcode recognition

Powerful recognition engines handle all standard 1D and 2D (QR) barcodes

Enterprise-level cloud security

Encrypted databases with secure architecture and failover capabilities

Multi-device compatibility

Free your workers to use their own Apple, Android or Window devices

Capture receipts & deliveries

Improve customer service levels with real-time stock level information

Record production in real time

Manage product flows and work lean with order-driven production

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