Asset tracking software

BizBloqs asset management software allows companies to control equipment and servicing back at base or out in the field.

We understand the importance of maintaining an audit trail for your business assets and inventory.

Keep records for each asset that include maintenance and inspection dates and actions as well as a record of who’s used the asset and where it’s been.

Keep control of your valuable assets and maintain an audit trail for all usage and activity

Track assets that move between multiple sites and see where each item was last and who had possession – no more excuses for lost assets!

Our asset management module provides an audit trail for your business assets and inventory and can be used on any iOS, Android or Windows device.


Equipment and inventory tracking

Control physical assets using digital technology and track activities on any device

Audit trail & action recording

Record maintenance activities and component usage and testing procedures

1D & 2D barcode recognition

Powerful recognition engines handle all industry standard 1D and 2D (QR) barcodes.

Enterprise-level cloud security

Encrypted databases with secure architecture and failover capabilities

Multi-device compatibility

Free your workers to use their own Apple, Android or Window devices

Manage unlimited assets

No limit to physical asset types or the number of users and locations

Great to work with

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What is your system?


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