BizBloqs provides robust operational solutions that are highly configurable and perfectly suitable to the fast-paced Electronics sector.

Our technology platform allows customers to connect logistical operations with channel partners and optimise inventory turns and minimise obsolescence.

Achieve greater inventory and shipment accuracy using continuous cycle counting and real-time inventory management and optimize workflow with using business rules.

Achieve greater inventory accuracy and minimise obsolescence rates

Customise shipments for every customer and order combination using assembly and kitting processes and improve service with customer-specific compliance documentation and labelling.

We understand the difficulty in handling almost identical product codes and packaging and appreciate the high cost of failure associated with high value items.

BizBloqs provides a comprehensive serial number management system and our tracking and verification processes helps customers handle returns quickly and efficiently.


Back-to-Back Ordering

Pick items on backorder while receiving to minimise lead times

Returns Processing

Configure the receiving process to meet financial and reporting requirements

Item Substitution

Modify pick orders to replace items with latest variant

Custom QC processes

Set QC requirements by product type and evidence problems using image capture

Shipping Integration

Create courier consignments and print labels within the BizBloqs app

Inventory History Transaction Logs

Record operational activities and locations against individual items

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