BizBloqs offers the luxury sector the tools to handle high value inventory with accuracy, care and the utmost attention to detail.
Our custom software solutions provide total control from the moment the products are received in the warehouse until they are delivered and merchandised on the shop floor.
Improve the presentation of goods in-store by delivering point-of-sale materials with your products and providing visual display guides that can be viewed using smart scanning devices.

Create custom workflows specially tailored for your high value product

Adopt RFiD labelling and have your high value items talk to you - enjoy peace of mind with automatic updating of stock status and enhance service levels by freeing up store staff to deal with customers.
Our webapp technology can be deployed on the latest hardware across all major operating systems (Android, IoS, Windows) and can be used throughout the supply chain - in store, in vehicle and in warehouse.
BizBloqs offers luxury retailers a complete warehousing and distribution solution covering integrated shipping, multiple sales channels and the ability to integrate with customers and suppliers.


Serial number tracking

Provide full activity history using inventory transaction logging

Custom QC processes

Set QC requirements by product type and evidence problems using image capture

Replenishment alerts

Set up email alert triggers to deliver maximum product availability

VMI Capabilities

Set replenishment levels for remote locations to improve product availability

Compliance Requirements

Create customer & product specific labelling during picking operations

Inventory History Transaction Logs

Record operational activities and locations against individual items

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