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BizBloqs offers horticultur compnaies the tools to keep control of a highly volatile stock type that changes its dimensions and is transformed by activities such as re-potting, pruning and grafting.
We help our clients manage a huge variety of SKUs and use Work in Progress milestones to maintain accurate real-time stock levels throughout the growing season.
Keep track of your components such as seeds, chemicals and packaging and capture production events such as sowing, spraying and re-potting within your stock records.

Operate in real time to gain operational control of a volatile stock type

Use smart hardware to capture high quality images of growing products, communicate via email or mobile telephone and print a range of product and packing labels direct from the device.
Our software allows clients to gain full traceability covering every growing activity, including planting dates, chemical usage and location tracking.
BizBloqs manages the flow of materials to provide real time visibility of stock levels across your growing locations and create time-efficient workflows using assemble to order processes.


Custom QC processes

Set QC requirements by product type and evidence problems using image capture

Assemble to order

Use assembly orders to configure products with a range of packaging options

Replenishment alerts

Set up email alert triggers to drive sowing and planting activity

VMI Capabilities

Set replenishment levels for remote locations to improve product availability

Compliance Requirements

Create customer & product specific labelling during picking operations

Inventory History Transaction Logs

Record operational activity and chemical usage against individual items

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