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BizBloqs provides effective operational solutions to the furniture industry to simplify the handling of products with diverse physical attributes and complex picking requirements.
We understand the importance of using the right process for the right item group and how vital stock control and space management is for furniture providers.
Automatically alert buyers to place purchase orders when stock falls below a set level and utilise a range of picking methods such as First In, First Out (FIFO), Minimise Picks & Reclaim Space.

Maximise space utilisation and drive efficiency by assembling while picking

Create space efficient workflows using assembly picking and assemble to order processes and manage the flow of materials to get real time visibility of stock levels and locations.
Our webapp technology can be deployed on the latest hardware across all major operating systems (Android, IoS, Windows) and allow image capture and email communication direct from the device.
BizBloqs helps home furnishing and furniture retailers get a tight grip on their inventory management and provides an excellent return on investment through improved efficiency and productivity.


Custom QC processes

Set QC requirements by product type and evidence problems using image capture

Replenishment alerts

Create email alerts to drive stock control and optimisation activities

Assemble to order

Transform Bill of Materials components into finished goods using works orders

VMI Capabilities

Set replenishment levels for remote locations to improve product availability

Returns Processing

Configure the receiving process to meet financial and reporting requirements

Compliance Requirements

Create product specific labelling during picking operations

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