BizBloqs provide accurate and effective operational solutions to the healthcare industry that improve the speed of delivery,
Our barcode scanning technology can be deployed across all major operating systems (Android, IoS, Windows) on both consumer and industry grade devices.
Extend your stock control and replenishment process onto the ward and even remote locations using VMI processes and effective cycle counting procedures.

Extend stock management on to the ward and maximise medical availability

Speed up the delivery of vital medicine and equipment through the use of specialist kits and create a secure loop of asset return, assess & restock.  
We understand the importance of combining regular inventory inspections with the simplicity and speed of an integrated paperless system to free up hospital staff to spend additional time on patient care.
BizBloqs offers tailored inventory solutions for hospitals and medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies that deliver transparent stock levels, product usage and product availability.


Paperless counting

Use digital devices to capture stock levels at remote locations in real time

Replenishment alerts

Create email alerts to drive stock control and optimisation activities

Automated Kitting

Assemble kit items while picking for an efficient workflow

VMI Capabilities

Set replenishment levels for remote locations to improve product availability

Returns Processing

Configure the receiving process to meet financial and reporting requirements

Compliance Requirements

Create product specific labelling during picking operations

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