Food & Drink

The food and drink industries are highly competitive and it is vital that companies rapidly respond to demand and ever-increasing customer requirements.

BizBloqs provides integrated warehousing, manufacturing and distribution solutions that allows food and drinks businesses to stay compliant, drive productivity and fulfil orders.

Capture batch production and expiry date information with a single scan and create custom labelling to satisfy key customer requirements.

Drive order fulfilment and product compliance across all market segments

Record material inflows and outflows accurately to provide full traceability across all product lines and perform well in operational audits.

Configure client specific workflows with shelf life rules for each customer alongside the ability to reserve stock for key customers and provide advanced shipment notifications.

The BizBloqs technology stack features a data connector layer that allows product and inventory information to be shared with trading partners to improve business relationships and boost sales.


Multi-layer stock management (EAN)

Hold multiple barcodes and quantities against items to drive efficiency

Stock rotation

Aged stock reporting and FIFO picking rules minimise obsolescence


Control items at the batch and lot level with full location and event tracking

Multi-level BoM

Control the consumption of all component parts and keep accurate stock levels

Inspection standardisation

Ensure all products are handled in the same manner with standardised workflows

Materials management

Manage raw materials, packaging, work in progress and finished goods stock levels

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