BizBloqs deliver robust and agile operational solutions designed to meet the unique just-in-time requirements of the Automotive industry.

Our platform integrates easily with specialist industry software and material handling systems to provide a single interface and complete control over your operations.

Manage the flow of materials through production and warehousing facilities and get real time visibility of stock levels and locations.

Manage inbound & outbound inventory to deliver just in time product flow

Identify and execute the most efficient way to stock work in process (WIP) and enjoy real-time access to key milestones in the delivery cycle time (unloaded, assembled, packaged, and ready to ship).

We provide the tools to manage the high SKU counts and complex picking requirements that are a key attribute of the Automotive industry.

BizBloqs allows Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to compete effectively and forge collaborative links with fellow suppliers and valued customers to optimise operations.


Activity Monitoring

Record all activities and operations against equipment

Automated Kitting

Assemble kit items while picking for an efficient workflow

Inventory Cost Tracking

Record costs against inventory and generate invoices

QC and Product Inspection

Create custom inspection routines against set quality standards

Custom Reporting and Alerting

Set up custom dashboards and reports and triggers for email alerts

Record production in real time

Manage product flows and work lean with order-driven production

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