About bizbloqs

Every business is different and traditional one-size-fits-all software can only be customised through expensive and time-consuming coding.

BizBloqs supplies a graphical, configurable software platform that empowers business experts to design, execute and update solutions without the need for a programmer.

This means operational solutions can be configured and customised and implemented far quicker than traditional legacy software.

We create unique systems for our clients and host them securely in the cloud

BizBloqs do not provide Software as a Service in the traditional sense – we create a unique system for each of our clients that we host in the cloud.

We operate a database platform and then add standard and custom workflows to build systems specific to each customer.

That’s the reason we are called BizBloqs – we create building blocks that provide the foundations for successful businesses.

Fast, Flexible & Future Proof

Adaptable & Scalable

Windows, Android & iOS

PC, Tablet & Handheld

Great to work with

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